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We will be attending the Fluid Power & Systems Exhibition 2018. Come visit us on stand number DZ1020

Antech Hydraulics

An independently owned company who specialise in system design & hydraulic components. We offer solutions from industry leading manufacturers such as SettimaStaffa, Kawasaki, B&CUFI, NTF, Des Case and LJM. We also produce our own bespoke products to cater for your specific project.

Whether your products need to move, lift, turn, shape, dig, or haul, you can rely on Antech Hydraulics to deliver the performance you need to stay one step ahead in the ever changing technologies of today. Antech’s dedication to supply products into Mobile, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Marine and Wind Energy applications has made us one of the UK’s preferred suppliers of hydraulic components and systems.

Antech supply component parts from some of the strongest brands in the business. We can offer pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, service, repair and full systems. We pride ourselves on our speed of response and technical knowledge to get you where you need to be both quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a single component, a custom-engineered solution, or anything in between, Antech Hydraulics can assist.

Staffa Hydraulic Motor

If you’re looking for a Staffa Motor for a new application or need to replace / repair an existing unit we are here to help.
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UFI Filtration

ANTECH are the official UK distributor for UFI Filters
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Kawasaki Piston Pump

Kawasaki Pumps

Specifically designed to meet the demands of hydraulic excavators and other mobile machinery
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Hydraulic Power Packs

Electro-hydraulic, Diesel, Petrol, AC & DC versions  – Complete custom built systems.  0.5kW – 1000kW with full system design to installation.
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Spill Control

Ensuring a spillage doesn’t become a costly disaster.

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NTZ Micro Filtration

Incredibly clean oil and far fewer breakdowns

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Des-Case Breathers

The first line of defence against contamination

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Where performance and value are the logical choice

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