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Staffa HMB Series

Staffa HMB Series

Bearing Life:

Consideration should be taken upon required motor in terms of bearing service life. The factors that will determine bearing life include:

  • Duty Cycle.
  • Differential Pressure.
  • Fluid Viscosity.
  • Speed.
  • External Radial Shaft Load.
  • External Axial Shaft Load.

Freewheeling Notes:

All staffa motors can be used in freewheeling Applications.

In all circumstances it is essential that the motor is unloaded (A and B ports connected together) and that the circuit is boosted. The required boost pressure will be dependent on the required speed and displacement conditions.

It should be noted that for HMB Series motors to achieve freewheel, large flows will have to re-circulate around the motor. This will require a large re-circulating valve and consideration of the circuit cooling as the motor will generate a large braking torque.

Therefore for these reasons we would suggest a ‘HMC’ or ‘HPC’ Motor would be a preferred option for freewheeling applications.

For more information on freewheeling application please see the HMB Series Data Sheet and refer to page 24

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