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Staffa HPC Series Motor | Antech Hydraulics

Staffa HPC Series

The enhanced version of the standard Staffa HPC series motor includes special low friction components combined with crankcase flushing flow to achieve increased shaft power. The range of HP motors extends from the HPC080 of 1600cc/rev to the HPC325 of 5326 cc/rev. There are 5 frame sizes in this product range.

The HPC series dual displacement models have two pre set displacements which can be chosen from a wide range to suit specific application requirements.

Main Features

  • Enhanced Power Performance
  • Increased Speed
  • Improved starting and running efficiency
  • Increased back pressure capability
  • Speed sensing options
  • High torque at low speed.
  • Smooth Running
  • Wide range of Displacements to suit specific applications
  • Displacement changes with ease when motor is running
  • Various mounting options available


Bearing Life:

Consideration should be given to the required motor bearing life in terms of bearing service life. The factors that will determine these include:

  • Duty cycle – Time spent on and off load
  • Speed
  • Differential Pressure
  • Fluid Viscosity, type, cleanliness and temperature
  • External radial shaft load
  • External axial shaft load

Freewheeling Notes:

All staffa motors can be used in freewheeling applications.

In all circumstances it is essential that the motor is unloaded and that the circuit is boosted. The required boost pressure is dependant on both the speed and displacement conditions of the motor determined by the maximum overrunning load condition.

For more information on freewheeling application please see the HMB Series Data Sheet and refer to page 23

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