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UFI Filtration

We stock a full range of UFI Filtration

UFI Filtration

The range extends through to standard reservoir accessories such as filler breathers, level gauges and float switches. UFI filters can be specified with a clogging indicator, to give a visual or electrical indication and to get an exact indication of the right time for filter element replacement.

Made by of the world’s largest filtration manufacturers, with a global workforce of over 3000 people, UFI hydraulic filters are produced in Italy to exacting quality standards. The company is ISO9001; ISO14001 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified, with their production department and laboratories working to the latest international standards. In collaboration with the University of Trento (Italy), UFI’s research department is working to ensure development of new and exciting technologies ensuring that the future challenges of contamination control are met.

UFI offer filter element cross-references into many of the major manufacturers’ products, offering you the opportunity to save money while maintaining (or even increasing) the protection of your equipment.

Suction filters – PUMP CARE
Nominal flow rates up to 700 l/min
10 µm to 250 µm filtration
Cellulose or metal wire mesh media

Pressure filters – COMPO CARE
Nominal flow rates up to 450 l/min
5 µm to 21 µm filtration
Cellulose or fibreglass media

Return filters – TANK CARE
Nominal flow rates up to 2,400 l/min
5 µm to 90 µm filtration
Cellulose, fibreglass or metal wire mesh media

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