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Spill Control & Absorbents

Ensuring a spillage doesn’t become a costly disaster.

Spill Control and Absorbents

Prevention is of course better than cure, but if the worst does happen you can be prepared if you have the right products to hand.

Spill stations ensure that different types of spill response products can be stored together, meaning that time is not lost searching for the right equipment.

Absorbent pads, absorbent socks and granular absorbents are often the first line of defence, allowing immediate absorption of the spillage. For larger spills,absorbent pillows can be used that have a greater absorption capacity and can bedeployed in seconds.

If the spills is outside, or there’s a risk of it extending outside, grid covers andbunds can be used to contain the spill and prevent contamination of drains andwater courses.

Our range of spill control products from Lubetech fulfil every possible criteria. View the range here.

Further information on emergency response and spill control can be found on the HSE website.

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