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Antech Hydraulics – Fairport Engineering

Antech Hydraulics – Fairport Engineering


Fairport Engineering

Service(s) provided

Design, build and installation of Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit to be used on a hopper (transfers materials from ship to lorry)

The Goals

1. To design, build and then install a diesel hydraulic power unit/power pack which will operate and power a hopper – The hopper itself is a bucket with a door at the bottom. It serves as an intermediate transfer unit between a ship and a lorry. Material, in this case, huge quantities of biomass fuel, comes into the dock by sea which is then transferred from the Ship to the Hopper. Lorries position themselves under the bottom of the Hopper and the door is opened and closed to “fill the lorry” in a safe and controlled manner
2. To complete the job on time and under strict health and safety regulations – Fairport required integration and co-operation in the project timing to provide and install parts within the Project Schedule. Once installation was completed there was a few days of commissioning, testing and handover training.


The E-Stop circuit of this job is a critical part.  With a lorry underneath and a full 90T of material in the Hopper, if something goes wrong the door at the bottom has to close very quickly.  A lot of our design work, and the criticality of testing was around this aspect. We found that the initial circuit had to be modified because the “time to close” the door at the bottom was initially too long.


We modified some valves and the design to eventually meet and exceed the design specification.

  • Initial enquiry from client –  Feb/March
  • Quotation submission – March/April
  • Order placement – End of April
  • Submission of drawings/documents for full Design Evaluation/Approval – May
  • Delivery of units at site/Installation – August
  • Final Commissioning and full handover – early Sept
  • Documentation all passed over – mid Sept


Andrew Newell, MD for Antech Hydraulics, says, “We’re very pleased with the outcome of this project. We seamlessly followed the Project Schedule, integrated with the other Site Contractors, Fairport Engineering and their client. Liquidated damages were in place but all equipment was delivered on time and no such damages incurred”.


Antech Hydraulics - Fairport Case Study
Antech Hydraulics - Fairport Case Study