Poulton Le Fylde, FY6 8JU, UK

Antech Hydraulics – Joy Mining

Antech Hydraulics – Joy Mining

Mining Unit HPU Antech


Joy Mining


Design/Supply of hydraulic power units

Application Details

Two small HPU’s for the operation of caliper type Hydraulic Brake units.

Unit 1, a simple pressure supply to lift the brake off, and spring return to re-apply the brake line by decaying the hydraulic pressure.

Unit 2, a more complex HPU where the speed of reapplying the brake needed careful control. The HPU allows the operator to set a speed of lift off, a time delay to reapply, and a speed for the reapplication of the brake.

Antech Activity

Complete circuit, system and unit supply.  High Stainless content to meet a very detailed customer specification. The specification had rigorous compliance and documentation requirements given the UAE Offshore use for the UK clients long length conveying equipment.

Project Value

£ 14,500