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Andrew Newell has been appointed to the BFPDA council

Andrew Newell has been appointed to the BFPDA council.   Click the link below for full article. http://bfpa.co.uk/news/all-change-at-the-bfpa-and-bfpda-agms/  

What are some common causes of cylinder failure?

Side loading – Side loading is caused from the cylinder being misaligned which creates an unusual force on the piston rod. A side load of enough magnitude can result in tube scoring, piston rod and rod bearing wear, and seal failure. Contaminated Fluid – Contaminated fluid can cause premature rod seal failure. Abrasive particles in…
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What is the difference between double acting and single acting cylinders?

Double-Acting – have a port at each end, supplied with hydraulic fluid for both the retraction and extension. Single-Acting – hydraulic fluid enters through a port at one end of the cylinder, which extends the rod by means of area difference. An external force or gravity returns the piston rod.

What Power Pack is right for me?

Hydraulic power units are used for a broad range of applications from operating control valves in the outback of Australia to raising parking barriers in Siberia. To match this range of applications there are an equally large range of hydraulic systems and products. Whether you are designing, specifying, manufacturing or purchasing a hydraulic power pack…
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