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Category: Power Units

What Power Pack is right for me?

Hydraulic power units are used for a broad range of applications from operating control valves in the outback of Australia to raising parking barriers in Siberia. To match this range of applications there are an equally large range of hydraulic systems and products. Whether you are designing, specifying, manufacturing or purchasing a hydraulic power pack…
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Which Hydraulic Oil should I use in my power pack?

There are a wide range of choices over an even wider range of budgets, but the right hydraulic oil will prolong your machine life and reduce your overall running costs.

Do I need a Hydraulic Cooler for my power pack?

A design decision to fit a hydraulic oil cooler like this can only be made with a full assessment of how much heat is going to be put into the oil and how much of that heat can the system dissipate without the oil overheating.