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Kawasaki K3VG

Kawasaki K3VG

The Kawasaki K3VG Series Swash Plate Type Axial Piston Pumps are designed to specifically satisfy the industrial open circuit market where noise, efficiency, controllability and extended pump life are considered to be essential. Kawasaki K3VG Pumps are available in nominal displacements ranging from 63 to 560 cm3/rev with various pressure, displacement, and combination load sensing control options.

Main Features

  • Reliable, High Pressure, Long Life Modular Design.
  • Low Noise and High Efficiency.
  • Self-Compensating piston return mechanism.
  • Extensive Range of Highly Responsive Control Options.
  • Auxiliary Gear Pump Option.
  • Rated Pressure 350 Bar.
  • Peak Pressure 400 Bar.
  • High Continuous Power Rating.
  • Fully Balanced Spherical Valve Plate.
  • Infinite displacement control.
  • Hydro-statically Balanced Swash Plate Support.
  • High Load Capacity Bearings. 

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k3vg data sheet

K3VG Data Sheet