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LJM Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders UK

LJM Hydraulik designs, who are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, develops and manufactures hydraulic cylinders for the mobile, industrial, power generation and food industries. Lloyds and DNV-approved cylinders are available in certain ranges.

Antech are proud to be a UK supplier of LJM Hydraulic Cylinders, this brand places quality as their top priority, regularly updating their techniques and investing in the constant optimisation of their products. We can distribute these hydraulic cylinders all across the UK and beyond, contact us for more information on our delivery options. 

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Mobile (Light) Series Hydraulic Cylinders UK

Mobile (Light) Series

Ideal for Forestry, Agriculture, Hydraulic Tools.

 210 bar working pressure, 310 bar test pressure.

Mobile (Heavy) Series

Mobile (Heavy) Series

Ideal for Mobile construction Equipment, Container Handling, Ship Cranes.

250 bar working pressure, 350 bar test pressure.



Ideal for Wood Industry, Presses, Industrial Machines.

160 bar working pressure, 250 bar test pressure.

What are Hydraulic Cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders have the ability to produce unidirectional force from unidirectional stroke. They’re actuation devices that get their power from pressurised hydraulic fluid.

They create a mechanical force in a linear motion so hydraulic cylinders can be used for any application where a strong push or pull force is required. They are used in mobile applications which push, pull, lift and more. They’re commonly used in industries such as construction, forestry, agriculture, marine, wind, food, chemical, automotive and timber/wood.

Cylinders are used in countless applications, some of these include hydraulic presses, cranes, tractors, packing machines, excavators, harvesters, loaders and bulldozers.

If you’re looking for advice on which hydraulic cylinder will suit your requirements, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to assist.