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NTF Filtration

Antech have a large amount of NTF Micro Filtration & Filters stock available. For more information, please contact us!

ntf micro filtration

NTF, while under a new name (formerly NTZ), has a long, successful history in the filtration industry. NTF was purchased from NTZ International B.V. In February 2017 but they still provide quality filtration & filters.

For more than 35 years, NTF have been a manufacturer of high-efficiency micro filtration products for vehicles, heavy-truck, industrial, marine, off-road, construction and mobile markets. With both manufacturers and operators recognising the need for finer filtration to meet or exceed today’s current cleanliness standards, the NTF product has become a vital product for the control of contamination.

AL Series

AL Series

Ideal for low pressure systems.

 Ideal for engines & transmissions up to 7 bar max.

ALD Series

ALD Series

Fuel filters installed directly into the main circuit.

 Ideal for high injection pressures.

ALH Series

ALH Series

Suitable for cranes, fork lifts & industrial equipment.

 Equipped with an integrated manifold.

OLFS Series

OLFS Series

Designed for permanent installation.

 Suitable for hydraulic, lubrication or transmission system of a static piece of equipment.

Offline Trolleys

Offline Trolleys

Portable Solution.

 Flow Rate from 2.1 or 4.2 Lpm

Benefits of NTZ

Benefits of NTF

To see the full list of benefits NTF can offer please click the link below.

By working offline or in bypass, NTF filtration removes solid particulate far smaller than full-flow inline filtration. Typically in the 1 micron to 5 micron range, these abrasive wear particles are highly damaging to all components, but in particular servo valves, fuel injectors and other sensitive components where even the smallest particles can cause failure. NTF elements will also remove water as standard.

NTF Filters can be fitted from new or easily retrofitted to existing systems. Popular applications include:

• Industrial and mobile hydraulics

• Gearboxes

• Diesel generators

• Gas turbine and wind turbine lubrication systems

• Ship’s engines, hydraulics and lubrication systems

• Automotive transmissions and engines

NTF systems will protect your vital assets from the damaging effects of contamination with the quality micro filters and filtration they manufacture. We understand that selecting additional filtration for your systems can seem confusing, but don’t worry – we provide free site surveys to assess your requirements and to help you select the right product for your exact needs.

NTF Filters are available to be supplied from Antech Hydraulics Ltd, we can provide advice on all your micro filtration requirements, simply contact one of our friendly team members today for more information. 

“The unit was installed hydraulically and electrically by Antech, and runs 24/7. Fitting this machine has helped lower our service costs dramatically.”

Site Manager, Bostik

“I have no hesitation at all in recommending NTF. “Since we’ve fitted it we’ve not seen any debris stuck in the pilot valves,and the cylinders life has been dramatically extended.There’s no doubt it’s doing its job.”

Site Manager, European Metal Recycling

“Our contamination in the system has been significantly reduced to a level where the oil does not need replacing.It is anticipated that oil life will be extended by 3 to 4 times.”

Site Manager, C&C Recycling

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