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Benefits Of Using NTF Filtration

Benefits Of Using NTF Radial Micro Filters


Here are some of the benefits of using NTF filtration, all of which result in which is achieved by increasing system efficiency, reducing downtime and lowering maintenance expenditure. 

Short term benefits of off-line filtration:

  • Reduced overall filtration costs (50-80%)
  • Reduced equipment maintenance
  • Minimal installation costs
  • Minimal training required for operation
  • No shutdown required for component changes

Long term benefits of off-line filtration:

  • Extended component life
  • Extended oil life
  • Extended main stream filter life
  • Reduced downtime due to equipment failure
  • Reduced environmental impact

Features of NTF™ oil maintenance system:

  • Compact, self contained, and totally separate from the main system, with its own pump and motor
  • Can operate 24 hrs/day, even when the main system is shut down.
  • The filter insert utilizes deep media and consistent density to provide fine filtration, with a normal lifetime of 12-18 months.
  • The filter insert has 2.2 square metres of exposed surface area to allow for the slow, steady flow rate necessary for very fine filtration.
  • The filter insert has a high dirt-holding capacity, on average between 5 and 7 kg (12 and 15 lbs), resulting in cost-effective operation.
  • The main system does not need to be shut down in order to change filter insert.

Other useful Facts:

  • NTF can achieve filtration down to 0.5 micron, which is ideal for servo, proportional or standard systems.
  • Remove up to 150 millilitres of water along with 44 grams of contaminant (Datum – ACFTD) per element. Water is very dangerous contamination.
  • NTF filter elements are relatively low cost, and easy to change compared with big in-line pressure filters, and return line filters.
  • Will extend the life of existing expensive in-line filters.
  • Reduces the oxidation process as well as stabilising the T.A.N. of the fluid.
  • NTF will therefore extend the life of the hydraulic fluid from 3 – 10 times its normal expected life.
  • Will extend hydraulic component life, therefore increasing reliability.
  • NTF has approximately 280 layers of filter material in comparison to 2 or 3 of conventional line filters.
  • NTF uses a unique “Radial Filtration” principal that eliminates channelling, something that can occur in an axial filtration based unit.
  • The only true comparison of a filter is its b(Beta) – ratio. NTF boasts a ratio of 2331:1 at 2 micron, giving an efficiency of 99.97%. A spin-on can filter is often 10:1 sometimes even 2:1 at 20 micron.
  • NTF elements can be shredded or crushed to reduce waste volume before incineration and therefore complies with ISO14001 practice, which will fall in line with the EU environmental policies.

The NTF element, found in every product in the range, is really where the ‘magic’ happens. Its unique design, coupled with an incredibly effective filter media, means that every inch of the element is playing its part in the removal of contamination.

Based on the radial filtration principle, the element is made up of hundreds of layers of media, though with every drop of oil MUST pass to exit the housing. The radial flow through the element offers a larger filtration surface area that prevents the channelling effect of filter elements designed in a “honeycomb” style. This larger surface area holds more dirt and provides a much more efficient filtering process.

NTZ - Applications

From hydraulic power units to military tanks, from street sweepers to earth moving equipment, practically any application that uses oil or fuel is suitable for NTF Radial Micro Filtration. If your equipment uses hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, transmission oil, transformer oil, thermal oil or fuel oil, then we can save you money and downtime with our filter systems. Research has proven that effective, offline filtration extends equipment lifetime by up to 6 times or more. Below are some examples of the industries / applications that NTF can be used for.

Industrial Applications

NTZ - Industrial

In industry, people have to rely on the machinery for production. It’s a well known fact that 80% of all breakdowns can be traced back to contaminated oil. Bearings, seals, cylinders, valves, gearboxes and other components run better and longer when the oil that’s lubricating these components is clean. By applying an NTF micro filter, the oil is cleaned to an exceptional level, even better than that of new oil. All NTF users experience less breakdowns and better production performance, which ultimately results in greater profitability.

Marine Applications

NTZ - Marine

In the marine industry, NTF radial micro filtration has already been used for more than 30 years. NTF filters are used on hydraulic and engine applications aboard pleasure yachts, cruise ships, cargo transportation vessels and fishing vessels.

Over 50% of normal engine wear can be attributed to contaminants in the oil and deposits on engine components.

Engine oil contamination contributes to:

  • Increased viscosity of the oil as a result of contamination with soot, oxidation and acidification residue
  • Abrasive wear on engine components as a result of the solid particles in the oil
  • Bore-polishing of the cylinder linings as a result of solid particles present in the oil

In order to combat these problems, a specific solution is needed. By using NTF filtration systems, our customers have experienced:

  • More than 90% savings on oil changes
  • Decreased engine wear, resulting in lower oil and fuel consumption
  • Increased time between engine overhauls

Off Shore Applications

NTZ - Off Shore

There are many uses for NTF in the offshore industry. From supply ships to cranes on platforms, NTF can be used as part of a preventative maintenance plan to save money and downtime.

Wind Renewable Energy

NTZ - Wind


Nearly all wind turbines are fitted with a gearbox to convert between slowly rotating, high torque power from the wind turbine rotor – and high speed, low torque power, which you use for the generator. NTF can help to prolong the life of the gearbox oil and components, improving the reliability and maintaining the performance of the turbine.

Antech Hydraulics | Case Studies

“The unit was installed hydraulically and electrically by Antech, and runs 24/7. Fitting this machine has helped lower our service costs dramatically.”

Site Manager, Bostik

“I have no hesitation at all in recommending NTF. “Since we’ve fitted it we’ve not seen any debris stuck in the pilot valves,and the cylinders life has been dramatically extended.There’s no doubt it’s doing its job.”

Site Manager, European Metal Recycling

“Our contamination in the system has been significantly reduced to a level where the oil does not need replacing.It is anticipated that oil life will be extended by 3 to 4 times.”

Site Manager, C&C Recycling

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