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HPB Staffa Motors

Staffa have launched a new range of motors – the HPB series! Antech can distribute you with the new HPB Staffa Motor Series, but first, let’s talk about the key points and what to consider when you’re looking at ordering the new series:

Main Features
• Built on the foundations of the well proven HPC series.
• Research and development used tribology and advanced materials science.
• Continues key Kawasaki Staffa design principles
• Infinite fatigue life
• Minimum 20,000 hours bearing life
• Minimum 20,000 hours wear life on all other components


Results compared with HMB?
• Up to 100% more power
• Average 35% faster

Power ratings compared to HMB series
• Average 46% increase without flushing
• Average 83% increase with flushing

Speed ratings compared to HMB series
• Average 35% faster
• Power envelopes
• Much larger than HMB series
• Most of the HPB power output is available without flushing


Staffa HPB Benefits
• Ideal fixed displacement motor for industrial applications
• Higher power density = more compact machinery
• Higher speed rating = user productivity gains
• Even higher efficiency = reduced user costs
• Market-leading reliability = less down time
• Long life = high return on investment
• Useable ratings = REAL power
• Fast technical support = satisfied customers
• No flushing circuit = less machine cost



Download the leaflet below to tell you more about the new series!

Don’t hesitate to contact ANTECH regarding our Staffa HPB Series Motors – we can help with all your enquiries!