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Staffa HMB Series Spares

We have a massive stock of spare parts for the Staffa HMB Series – contact us today!

Staffa HMB Series
staffa hmb series
staffa hmb motors

For all your Staffa HMB spares requirements, please forward the full model code and serial number of the existing units over to our team, along with the quantities and position numbers taken from the below Links / PDF’s. These show the exploded spare parts drawing for the HMB series Staffa Motors. The list show all quantities required per motor, the position numbers, along with the items descriptions. 


  • Staffa B 010: covers all HMB010 units
  • Staffa B 030: covers all HMB030 units (1 part builds)
  • Staffa B 030 to B 045: covers all HMB030 – HMB045 units (2 part builds)
  • Staffa B Series 5 CYL: covers all HMB060 – HMB200 units
  • Staffa B Series 7 CYL: covers all HMB270 – HMB325 units
  • Staffa HMB400 (HMHDB400): covers all HMB400 units

Please click the images below depending on your model code for a full breakdown of spares.

staffa hmb 010

Staffa HMB 010

staffa b030

Staffa B030 (1 Part Build)

b030  to b045

B030 to B045 (2 Part Builds)

Staffa HMB series 5 Cylinder

Staffa HMB series 5 Cylinder

Staffa HMB series 7 Cylinder

Staffa HMB series 7 Cylinder

Staffa HMB400 (HMHDB400)

Staffa HMB400 (HMHDB400)

HMB Series Data Sheet

HMB Series

HMB Series Spares Ordering Codes

Ordering Code Page

Staffa Serial Number Locator

Serial Number Locator