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Staffa HMC Series Motors

Here at Antech, we have stock arriving daily which includes the Staffa HMC Series. Please get in touch for more info. 

Staffa HMC Series

The Kawasaki HMC Series Motors have 7 frame sizes ranging from HMC030 through to the HMC325 and have a choice of displacements for the high and low range. Output torques are available from 2.8 Nm/Bar to 172 Nm/Bar Staffa motors are renowned for the excellent reliability. If properly maintained, not subjected to loads or stresses beyond their capability, and used with clean hydraulic oil, Staffa motors have been known to last over 25 years in service. Antech are a trusted supplier for Kawasaki so we can help if you want a Staffa HMC Series Motor to suit your requirements.

Main Features

  • High Torque Low Speed.
  • Smooth Running
  • Displacement changes with ease when motor is running.
  • Electro-Hydraulic or Hydro-Mechanical control methods available.
  • Speed Sensing Options.
  • Other mounting options are available on request to match many of the competitors interfaces. 

Bearing Life:

Consideration should be given to the required motor bearing life in terms of bearing service life. The factors that will determine these include:

  • Duty cycle – Time spent on and off load.
  • Speed.
  • Differential Pressure.
  • Fluid Viscosity, type, cleanliness and temperature.
  • External radial shaft load
  • External axial shaft load


Freewheeling Notes:

All Staffa motors can be used in freewheeling applications.

In all circumstances it is essential that the motor is unloaded and that the circuit is boosted. The required boost pressure is dependant on both the speed and displacement conditions of the motor determined by the maximum overrunning load condition.

For more information on freewheeling application please see the HMC Series Data Sheet and refer to page 24

Don’t hesitate to contact ANTECH regarding our Staffa HMC Series Motors – we can help with all your enquiries!

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