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Filtration & Oil Care


It goes without saying that maximising the useful life of oil will reduce costs. By taking steps to ensure your oil is adequately filtered, you will also experience fewer breakdowns, better productivity, longer component life and reduced operating costs.

ANTECH’s range of filtration products covers everything from inline suction, return and pressure filters through to advanced offline and bypass micro filtration systems. We also offer class-leading desiccant air breathers, which prevent moisture and solid particle ingress.

To support our filtration offering, we provide ‘Oil Care’ services including Oil Sampling and Analysis, oil cleanliness programs, site surveys, hydraulic oil care / filtration products and consultancy on contamination control and best-practices.

Oil Contamination


Oil contamination causes approximately 80% of all oil system failures. This contamination takes the form of insoluble materials such as metals, dust particles, sand and rubber. The smallest particles, those below 2 micron, and better known as silt, resin or oxidation deposits, are often responsible for defects which is why hydraulic oil filtration products are required.

Many of these contaminants influence equipment reliability and lifetime. Nearly 100% of all problems related to contamination of oil and other fluids can be prevented.

Antech have extensive experience in preventing these problems through oil maintenance, with systems developed specifically for the removal of:

  • Particles
  • Free water
  • Dissolved water
  • Oxidation by-products
  • Oxygen / air
  • Acid
  • Oil in water

Oil sampling

Here at Antech we can provide oil sample results.To the left is an example of one of our standard oil sampling procedures. The report includes these oil filtration products:

particle counters

Particle Counters

Here at Antech you can purchase or hire particle counters. If you decide to purchase on some ranges we can brand your particle counter. with a company logo of your choice.

hydraulic oil filtration products
  • ISO code with a breakdown of particle counts ranging from 4 micron up to 30 micron.
  • Additives and wear metal present in your machine.
  • Water Count.
  • Price approx £35.00 exc Vat.
  • More detailed analysis can be provided upon request.
  • We can post your oil sample bottle out at your convenience.
  • We can offer on site service visit for an additional cost.
  • We can provide Inline Particle Counters
  • Offline Filtration Units
  • Oil Sampling
  • Patch Test Kits
  • Site surveys
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