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Flushing Rigs

Hydraulic Custom Flushing Rigs

custom flushing rig
hydraulic flushing rig
hydraulic rig

To meet your flushing requirements Antech are a Hydraulic Flushing Rig Supplier, which are ideal for a spectrum of capabilities.

Custom flushing rigs to meet your requirements of

  • Cleanliness targets and objectives 
  • Micron ratings to achieve the aims
  • High or low flow rates
  • Turbulent flows
  • Live particle count contamination reading
  • Solutions for a variety of fluids

The Flushing of oil is a process.  Whether you are starting from a point of failure and have the dirtiest oil in your system, or the installation is new and you are polishing the cleanliness to meet the most stringent objectives, we can offer a technical solution.

Our Engineers will discuss the key requirements of the task to ensure we meet and exceed the ultimate cleanliness objective.

Equipment and solutions must always complete the task in a timescale that suits the application, does so within the window of opportunity for the task, and may also seek to be the longer term answer to continued oil cleanliness.

Our rental fleet covers many solutions – please enquire about our range.

A hydraulic flushing rig can be hired ‘wet’ (installation and removal at your site is undertaken by our service team) or ‘dry’ (installation and removal undertaken by you). Units can be supplied for both mineral oil and Water Glycol based fluids, with power options.

Why do I need a hydraulic flushing rig ?


It is widely known that contamination is the largest cause of hydraulic system failure so flushing pipework is important prior to operation. We work with customers to understand their needs in terms of flow so that turbulence is achieved, which in trun leads to efficient cleaning. We look to achieve a Reynolds Number of around 4,000 which is a compromise between flow, and oil viscosity for a particular pipe size.

  • machine tools
  • new plant installations prior to commissioning
  • any system following a major overhaul
  • systems with performance problems, wear, sticking valves etc.

If you need assistance, we can provide onsite help, including the supply of a rig and a particle counter.