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Hydraulic Power Units / Packs

Engineered for superior performance, ANTECH specialise in custom built, hydraulic power units / packs to meet customer specifications. Electro-hydraulic, diesel, petrol, AC & DC versions are all available.

High-efficiency, low-noise pumps are used to produce smooth hydraulic fluid output. Highly effective filtration systems protect against contamination that degrades system performance and damages machinery.

ANTECH hydraulic power packs are still going strong after years of reliable service. Increasingly, engineers and designers are choosing the level of hydraulic control and power provided by ANTECH systems.

Hydraulic power units range from 0.16kW – 1000kW delivering flows of up to 1000 litres / min and pressures up to 700 bar.

ANTECH offers a standard range of power packs which include complete valve packages and manifolds integrated into a power unit to provide a compact solution for almost all requirements.

What are Hydraulic Power Units?

Hydraulic power units, also known as hydraulic power packs, are self-contained systems that generally include a motor, a fluid reservoir, and a pump. Hydraulic power packs convert mechanical power into fluid power. The main component of any hydraulic system is the power pack, these units generate a massive amount of power in order to operate many hydraulic machines. 

You may not realise it, but hydraulic power packs can be found in many everyday situations like on construction sites, on harbours or ships for the fishing industry, in farming, in diggers, graders, road maintenance vehicles, lift trucks, excavators or even in your local mechanic’s garage. Anything that requires lifting, pushing, pulling or where repeated force is needed, hydraulic power packs can play a crucial part.

How do Hydraulic Power Units work?

The pump of the HPU draws fluid from the tank, it then transfers it into the accumulator until the pressure is sitting at an ideal level. Once at the correct level of pressure, the fluid will continue to circulate in the system. The unit will make sure the pressure stays at the required level for the system, relieving the pressure if it gets too high and increasing it if it gets too low. The unit can generate power to the system as long as it maintains the pressure at the correct level.


For further information on selecting the right HPU for your application, or to request a quotation on a custom built hydraulic power unit, please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be pleased to assist.