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Projects/System Design

Hydraulic System / Circuit Design


We have a team of hydraulic circuit designers who can complete top quality work right from design to installation.

We can offer complete hydraulic system design through to installation. So here at Antech:

From start to finish hydraulic circuit design

We will work with you from start to finish

Here at Antech we will not only work with you from start to finish but offer after sales support if and when required.

Define and agree hydraulic circuit designers

Define and agree the scope of the project

We will work with you and help move your project step by step to ensure you get the best outcome.

Ensure requirements are specific hydraulic system designers

Ensure requirements are specific, realistic and measurable

We know how important your project is to you and we will ensure we offer specific, realistic results.

Clarify if in doubt

Obtain clarity if there is any doubt

The last thing we want is for you to have doubts throughout the proposal stage, and it is always best we explain the reason for our decision an that you understand and are happy with the end result.

Clear specification

Create a clear, concise and thorough Specification document and share it with you our customer

Who doesn’t like to see proof ? we know here at Antech the documentation can be just as important than the goods themselves. All’s we ask is that you specify your requirements a soon as possible so we can provide the right paperwork trail. 

Manufacture and install

Manufacture and install the system with full commissioning and training at site

We do not want to just build the product and send you on your way. Here at Antech the after sales support is just as important to us. We can install most systems with full commissioning along side staff training to achieve maximum results.

We can provide a full documentation package, if required. This can include a bespoke Operating & Maintenance manual. Written for the specific power unit provided, including a description of the power unit, relevant items highlighted on photographs. Documentation to include Test certificate, Declaration of Incorporation, Certificate of Conformity, Data Sheets, Material Certificates, Paint Specification & Electrical Circuit Drawings can all be provided if requested and included in our quote.